Monday, April 20, 2009

i’m really glad this massive tool is not attending my school

A graduate of North Carolina had this to say about a student blogger named Nicholas Geiser on the New York Times College Blog "The Choice":

nicholas geiser, an 18-year-old prospective college student from san francisco, calif., turned down a morehead-cain scholarship to attend yale. that’s fine. i don’t begrudge anyone for choosing what they think is best for themselves when it comes to higher education. what upset me is the way this pretentious sack of douche carried on about his decison, and the drivel he spilled on the new york times that borders on the absurd:

But what I realize now is that, as Sartre observed, our facticity in no way precludes us from choice.

translation: i read wikipedia entries about existentialism and am thus compelled to share my pseudo-enlightenment with the ignorant masses!

some of my favorite lines: “what I perceived to be the lack of diversity at UNC” (umm, like there’s going to be a plethora of minorities at your skull and bone meetings) “I don’t know that I want to be such a big fish in the pond” (like mika said–she shared the article with me on google reader–, unc is not a small pond, asshole) “The experience of being a student at a school, rather than a scholar, could be a much bigger lesson in my own personal development.”

that last line proves he has almost no clue what the purpose of a liberal education is. everyone in college is a “scholar.” all that word means is student. look it up.

this article only could have made me happier if he had either a) been from new jersey, or b) picked dook instead of yale. durham is going to be short one asshole this year. but seriously, nytimes, why do you give no-talent ass clowns with silver spoons surgically implanted in their colons space on your blog? it’s embarrassing.

so yea, yale, take this nicholas geiser. our admissions office humbly apologizes for the mistake. he’s clearly not univeristy of national champions material. where the sense of community and intellectual enthusiasm would have rocked his “factitious,” ivy-addled brain.

Bravo! I couldn't have said it better myself...

This fella Geiser appears to have no accomplishments other than being a rich, white mediocre swimmer who once attended a Model Congress meeting. He is exactly the type of student that Asian Advantage clients must overcome in the college admissions process, typically by achieving more by the age of 17 that Geiser is likely to accomplish in his lifetime.

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